Twitch Suffers From Another Round Of DMCA Music Takedowns

TECH NEWS – One of the biggest companies is behind the streaming website, so there should be plenty of finances to solve the issue, yet here we are: we see Twitch getting another round of DMCA takedowns…

Twitch now focused on VODs (video on demand, streams that were then left on the site) that had some background music playing at some parts. Now, Twitch sent out a warning email to its creators last week, informing them that around a thousand 000 individual claims had been received from a variety of music publishers. Then the site explained that it believes music industry bigwigs are using „automated tools to scan and identify copyrighted music in creators’ VODs and Clips,” which could hint at another round of notices…

And guess what Twitch’s advice is. The same thing they recommended the last time they got DMCA takedowns: „If you know you have unauthorized music or other copyrighted material in your past VODs or Clips, we strongly recommend that’s permanently delete anything that contains material,” adding that all affected users should use the „Unpublish all” feature that would effectively benefit the music industry but would be harmful to the viewers who would like to see some earlier streams as VODs.

Twitch also said it’s „disappointed” by the way the music industry has gone about their claims while saying it’s continuing to „help creators minimise the amount of material that may infringe others’ copyrights” and they are also „working with rights holders on longer-term solutions.” Whatever is the solution, we will not see it in short term.

The problem here is that everyone equally suffers from this issue, regardless if you are an average streamer with 3-4 viewers at most or a Twitch partner with thousands of viewers (and direct access to Twitch partner support, etc).

Source: PCGamer

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