Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Heading To The Epic Games Store?

There’s also another currently unannounced game that might show up on Tim Sweeney’s digital storefront.


Steam has an unofficial database, SteamDB, where you can keep track of events, such as a game joining Gabe Newell’s platform, or if a title gets an update (such as getting rid of the Denuvo DRM). It has an Epic Games Store equivalent, Epic Games Data, which revealed prematurely two upcoming titles.

One of them is Final Fantasy VII Remake, while the other one is Alan Wake Remastered. As expected, the games do not run under their proper names, as they are hidden behind codenames. For Square Enix‘ game, it’s Pineapple QA, and for Remedy Entertainment’s project, it is HeronStaging. But their true identity can be revealed if we look at the CloudSaveFolder property of each entry. (And let’s admit it: cloud saving can be a lifesaver in many cases!)

For Pineapple QA, it’s {UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/EOS/{EpicID}/. UserDir is your username on Windows, while EpicID is your Epic account identifier. For HeronStaging, it’s much easier: {UserDir}/Remedy/AlanWakeRemastered/. These directories easily reveal what games we are talking about. Square Enix and Remedy can deny it all they want (and they will say they have nothing to announce at the moment…).

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launched on June 10 on PlayStation 5. It has a six-month exclusivity on Sony’s console, so it could show up on the Epic Games Store on December 10. We have no such hint about Alan Wake Remastered. Remedy, who fully owns the game’s rights, has signed a multi-game publishing deal with Epic in March 2020, so this will likely be one of them.

Let’s hope that this game is used as a way to fund developing the sequel because let’s face it: we’d be happy to see the writer come back.

Source: Gematsu

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