Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: The First Game Is Used As A Motif

According to Square Enix, there is no direct relation between Final Fantasy and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (which was announced at E3).


Famitsu interviewed Tetsuya Nomura (Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin‘s creative producer), Jin Hujiwara (one of the producers) and Daisuke Inoue (the director of the game). Nomura said that the game is based on Final Fantasy 1 (where, in the ending, we learn who the Warriors of Light are and where they came from). In Stranger of Paradise, the team (led by Jack) believe that they might be these warriors, but they have their doubts.

Nomura says the trio (Jack, Jed, and Ash) are strangers, which is an important aspect in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s plot. „Strangers of Paradise means exactly what it says that these strangers are in the land of Paradise. At the same time, it could mean people who shouldn’t be in Paradise. I think it is a title that represents the story of the game perfectly,” Inoue added.

Nomura claims that there will be more characters than these three, but when it comes to combat, only the main trio will be fighting. „In the full game, there will be even more characters, the game will be a lot broader, and I think the story is quite compelling. It might be a bit confusing to see these characters come out of nowhere, completely unlike anything you were expecting, but I hope you’ll keep an eye on upcoming information,” he says. This effectively means that we should check out the demo, available on PlayStation 5.

Inoue talked about the demo as well, hoping to see a lot of feedback so Team Ninja can improve the full game: „It’s a game trying something a little bit different, so I fully expect to receive a wide range of feedback. I’m sure that everyone’s thoughts on the trial version will help us to dramatically improve the quality of the final game, so please do give us your feedback.” Fujiwara added, „The story is only touched on very briefly in the trial version, but once it unfolds, it’s a very impactful story that will hit you emotionally. Please look forward to the game and keep an eye out for further news.” Due to the technical issues with accessing the demo, its availability has been extended to June 26. There will be eight weapon types: two-handed swords, one-handed swords, our fits, clubs, spears, axes, daggers, and the katanas.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will launch next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG247

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