A Police Operation Seizes More Than 3,800 PS4 Mining Cryptocurrencies

It has happened in Ukraine and the thousands of PlayStation consoles helped to mine with other technological devices.


In recent months we have heard more than ever about cryptocurrency mining. It has been – and continues to be – almost a miracle to buy graphics cards because those who dedicate themselves to this type of chores are made with practically all the stock to increase their technological farms. What we did not know is that they also took advantage of PS4 for this work.

In the Wccftech environment, we see that the Ukrainian authorities have intervened in one of these cryptocurrency factories in which they had more than 3,800 PS4 running at maximum performance to farm this type of good so precious in these times. The miners were also having a hard time getting graphics cards, so they decided to pull their wits using the Sony console.

The illegal mining operation was discovered by the Security Service of Ukraine and they reported that more than 50 processors, 500 graphics cards and 3,800 PlayStation 4 consoles have been seized in a raid. It is an unusual way to mine cryptocurrency, but it seemed to work optimally, as they had a huge number of consoles to do it.

Of course, using PS4 to mine is not the most efficient way to mine cryptocurrencies, but they could do it thanks to the features of Sony’s console, such as 8GB of GDDR5. It falls far short of the power of more powerful graphics cards for this task, but somehow or other, it worked. Actually, many technological devices can be used for cryptocurrency mining. Although the bargain has run out.

Source: Wccftech

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