AMD: Chip Supplies To Remain Tight Until 2022, It’ll Affect Consoles

Although the CEO of the company believes that we will get a slowly improving situation, the lack of chips will still impact the consoles that launched in November last year.


Barron‘s interviewed Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD. She still mentions a lack of components, which will still be an issue until the end of the year. However, regarding the PC users, she said that the „demand has far exceeded even our aggressive expectations.” So they cannot provide enough CPUs and GPUs for the customers. (Which led to scalpers reselling the stocks they bought in bulk for ridiculous prices. For instance, AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series CPUs ran into this issue.)

However, the scarcity of the chips will be problematic:  „for this year, it’s going to continue to be quite tight.” However, SU added that AMD is „bringing on more capacity every quarter.” This could lead to slowly falling prices (as there will be more units on the market, cutting the scalpers out of the equation). So for example, it might be a good idea to wait a bit with buying a new graphics card, as in China, the authorities have started cracking down massively on mining cryptocurrencies, allowing more hardware to be available for regular customers.

The slowly improving situation will be affecting the consoles, too. Sony’s PlayStation 5, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S all use custom AMD hardware (APUs, a CPU and a GPU put on the same die), somewhat modified to the console manufacturers’ needs.

The PlayStation 5’s lack of presence in stores isn’t necessarily solely due to the big demand, as the lack of hardware components also limit the availability throughout the world, regardless of which version of the console you want.

Source: PCGamer

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