The Coalition Is Working On A New IP, Does Microsoft Ignore Gears Of War?

The studio The Coalition is most likely working hard on a new intellectual property (IP), so after Gears 5 there won’t be a new episode anytime soon.


The Coalition is one of the older Xbox Game Studios groups under Microsoft, and they have been the devs of the modern Gears of War (or simply Gears…) titles. Now, on LinkedIn, one of the level designers of the studio has uncovered that in the past nearly six months, since February, this person has been working on a new IP. This was found and shared on Twitter.

As expected, this information was quickly edited and removed from LinkedIn, but as always, it’s too late now, as it’s pretty much an open confirmation that one of the new projects for The Coalition (which was called Black Tusk Studios until 2015) is a new IP. Here, we should remember what The Coalition wrote in May.

Back then, Microsoft’s studio wrote that they are shifting their resources to next-gen development using Unreal Engine 5, adding that they aren’t developing a direct sequel to Gears [of War] 5. Instead, they are „developing on UE5 for multiple new projects in the coming years.” Notice how the post didn’t mention new IP whatsoever: this is new information that surfaced on LinkedIn.

So Xbox Game Studios’ team has started working on something new, using the impressive technology of Epic Games’ newest iteration of its engine. It will be a new IP, but we have to wait likely until E3 2022 to see Microsoft announce it, as, by this point, this unknown game (which we don’t even want to guess, as it’s a shot in the dark at this point) will have been in development for over a year.

Source: VG247

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