Stray: Cat Fans Cheer as the Ginger Cat is Back in the News! [VIDEO]

With a cat as the protagonist, Stray from PS5, PS4 and PC reappears with new gameplay and details. Like these animals in real life – drop things, get on furniture, and yes, you can lick your own ass too.


Annapurna Interactive has held a special event in which – finally – we have been able to see in depth Stray, a video game for PS5, PlayStation 4 and PC that stars a cat in a futuristic world, which we will explore as one of these animals would as this new video gameplay shows with details about the setting and the game options available to us.

As a stray cat you will move with feline grace through the strange town of Stray. The puzzles are an essential part of this adventure, and being a cat, the’ll solve unique and fun ways, such as throwing things everywhere to find a previously hidden way.

However, the gameplay will not focus 100% on your skills as a cat. You will have a drone as a companion on your adventures, called the B-12, and this friend comes with other street skills. By not being able to communicate with the rest of the inhabitants, this drone will serve as your translator. The cat will also need to avoid rat-like creatures, but B-12 will be able to combat them with his trusty laser.

Stray is coming to PS4, PS5, and PC in early 2022.

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