Ghost Of Tsushima: The Base Game Will Affect The Expansion!

Ghost of Tsushima (or its Director’s Cut re-release) will feel a bit different if you play it through again from start to finish, including the new Iki Island.


We previously talked about how Sucker Punch‘s game is going to get a new expansion, which will also turn Ghost of Tsushima into a cross-gen title (the base game launched on PlayStation 4 last year, but now, the Director’s Cut version will be on PlayStation 5, too). The Iki Island portion of the game will not be available from the start: you will have to complete the first chapter to gain access to it.

Ghost of Tsushima will allegedly keep track of who you meet in the base game, as it might be affecting the Iki Island expansion. Nate Fox, the game’s creative director, and Joanna Wang, the environmental art lead, talked about this to GameSpark, a Japanese publication, in a new interview . Fox said that the title Director’s Cut was decided based on the fact that much of the content were additions to the base game (but we think it was Sony’s decision). The new features available on PlayStation 5 also played a role.

Sucker Punch has spent a lot of time and care to revamp the mounts to make them “more than just a mode of transportation” by adding new ways to attack and charge the enemy. He also stated that players would enjoy the new expansion even after completing the main story, but they must complete the first chapter to gain access. The expansion features a unique storyline separate from the main quests, but it will still keep track of where and who the players have visited. The progression in the main game will also affect the expansion’s storyline in some way.

Fox revealed that Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut had been in full production since last year, and all of Sucker Punch’s staff was working remotely. To digitalize the characters’ movements and animations, Sucker Punch sent specialized motion capture equipment to actors’ houses to get the motion capture started. And finally, he said the studio would decide about a sequel after the launch of Director’s Cut. There are no plans at the moment.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut launches on August 20 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Source: PSL 

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