The Order: 1886 developers postpone the release of Lone Echo II

Lone Echo IIThe Oculus VR game needs more development time, so it will not be released in August.


The release date for Lone Echo II, initially scheduled for 24 August, has fortunately been pushed back by less than a month. The Ready at Dawn team in the UK confirmed in a statement that they would not be able to meet the deadline, requiring users interested in virtual reality sci-fi adventures to enjoy the game later this year via Oculus VR devices.

“It’s clear that we need a little more time to polish and reach the desired level of quality. Delaying a game is always a difficult decision. Still, we believe you all deserve to get the best product possible,” says the team, recalling the challenges of development during the pandemic and thanking fans for their patience.



Lone Echo II will take players back to the rings of Saturn, where they will have to go on a zero-gravity adventure into the depths of space, beyond the boundaries of time, to solve the biggest mysteries. The video game is the sequel to Lone Echo, which stars Liv and Jack aboard Kronos II’s mining station and is released in 2017 to critical acclaim.

Ready at Dawn is also known to have been noted for its PS4-exclusive development The Order: 1886, which took players into first-person combat in Victorian London against the terror of an ancient and inhuman enemy. Read more about the game in our review of The Order: 1886.

After a stumble with PlayStation, Ready at Dawn was acquired by Facebook in 2020 to develop immersive experiences like Echo II.

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