No, A The Order: 1886 Sequel Is Not In Development!

A rumour came, saw, and… promptly The Order: 1886 sequel got shot down. Once upon a time, the end.

What rumour is it? Jordan Mychal Lemos, who currently works a Sucker Punch as the writer of the PlayStation 4-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, has started it without any intention to do so. In the newest Gamershead podcast, at roughly 9 minutes, Lemos has reminisced about The Order: 1886, which came out in early 2015 from Ready at Dawn, exclusively on PlayStation 4. That’s all, really – all we say is that we haven’t seen such a major title from the studio since, so in THIS aspect, the rumour might have a stand…

…however, Jordan Mychal Lemos shot the rumours down (originating from the ResetEra forums) on Twitter: „Before this [situation] gets any more out of hand, I know nothing about a [The Order: 1886] sequel. These are the types of articles I read last year and I remembered reading 11 months later as there was one coming. Sorry to disappoint.” A reply informed him about ResetEra (the topic was at six pages at the time of the reply), and Lemos responded: „Ugh is that what happened? I guess I’ll know better than to ever try to remember something I read almost an entire year before. How dare I be human.”

Maybe even we wrote about the subject in January that Ready at Dawn was hiring for a new, original, third-person action IP, so the developers are doing something as we speak. However, we likely have to wait until the PlayStation 5’s announcement (we have no other way to call the next Sony console, as it has no official name yet), as they are probably not making the game for the PlayStation 4. We might know more in a year.

Source: PSU, Twitter

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