Is Twisted Metal Preparing A Return?

In Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth gets back in the car to beat the faces (and cars) of his opponents.


Twisted Metal is not a franchise you often hear of nowadays. The last time we saw it, it was on the PlayStation 3 (and on that platform, Sweet Tooth also participated in Sony’s ripoff of Super Smash Bros. called PlayStation Battle All-Stars). Since then, we got nothing, aside from some inexplicable con-man-like activities from Hasan Kahraman that we discussed in detail today (he’s been doing shady things for no less than six years now).

But let’s get back to Twisted Metal. Tom Henderson has been reliable with games such as Battlefield 2042 and the still not announced  Call of Duty: WWII Vanguard. Now, he got the attention by posting a simple image with Sweet Tooth and a vehicle with a simple “2023” caption. We had previously seen this image when Sony announced a TV series for Twisted Metal, but now, the screenshot got a different (and more involved) way of usage for us.

Sony shouldn’t do a Twisted Metal TV series without any video game backing. They have the IP, so they have no legalities blocking them from making a new title, and let’s be honest: Destruction AllStars on PlayStation 5 might have had the same basic notion (vehicular combat), it never had the charm and the attitude Twisted Metal had on the original PlayStation, where this IP was one of those “ballsy” series.

Suppose Sony Interactive Entertainment does end up doing a Twisted Metal game (and they have no first-person shooter games either, even though they could rely on Resistance or even Killzone before it…). In that case, they should bring back the person who designed the series altogether—someone who might be loud-mouthed, blunt, but honest. We’re talking about David Jaffe, the director of the first God of War on the PS2 after his work on Twisted Metal!

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