Outriders Studio Disappointed with Square Enix: they haven’t collected royalties for the game yet

People Can Fly believes they should have covered their costs by now, but Square does not share the units sold.


In People Can Fly they are disappointed with Square Enix, all for their agreement on Outriders. And the fact is that the Japanese company has not yet paid a single euro in royalties to the Polish studio for which, in all eyes, it had been a successful multiplatform launch in April. This is stated by Sebastian Wojciechowski, president of PCF Group (parent company of the study), in statements shared by the Polish side of Eurogamer.

Generally, a publisher like Square Enix not paying royalties to a studio for its game is a sign that the game has not yet recovered its development costs. At People Can Fly they estimate that Outriders should already cover the costs with their sales, although here the keyword is “estimate” since Square Enix has not even shared the sales data of their game with them. “We do not have any information on the sales of Outriders,” says Wojciechowski.

” We estimate that it will be between 2 and 3 million copies [sold] and we assume that this would have made the project profitable in its first quarter of sales”, referring to this period from April to June. “The lack of a payment from the publisher probably means that, for Square Enix, this is not the case, ” adds the company leader, who also speculates that the game’s publication costs have been higher than expected.


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