Cyberpunk 2077 First Free DLC Confirmed, Which Includes An Akira-Looking Jacket

Besides Cyberpunk 2077 First Free DLC, Patch 1.3 is the largest to date and is focused on troubleshooting and improving the experience.


CD Projekt RED has summoned its audience to discuss Cyberpunk 2077 news. After a famous and bumpy launch full of technical problems, the Polish studio has not stopped working to bring their futuristic action RPG to an excellent technical state. It seems that after more than half a year, they succeeded, but on the way, they have lost too much of its audience, managing to maintain lower player figures than its previous game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt of 2015.

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Despite the figures, the game has experienced some sales spikes after its return to PlayStation, although somewhat anecdotal. In its fight to maintain public interest in its game, CD Projekt RED has hosted a Twitch stream to announce many new features accompanying Patch 1.3, primarily focused on improving the overall experience.

The appointment on Twitch has also served to have further reading on the current interest of its users, that with 15 thousand viewers in the broadcast, this could be seen as something low for a game that has sold 15 million copies and that still does not have not a year on the market. The first free content DLC will include an alternative skin for Johnny Silverhand that we can get from the “additional content” tab

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