Saints Row Reboot Heavily Criticised by Fans on Social Media

The Saints Row reboot has been heavily criticised by fans, but developer Volition says it “won’t back down”; although its trailer has mountains of disapproval.


Saints Row, the new game in the Volition saga and unveiled during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021, will be a reboot. But ever since the trailer was shown, it just keeps getting, constantly the game is on acid – which isn’t exactly edifying.

On every official channel they can, fans have shown their displeasure with Saints Row. The negative reviews are far more numerous than the positive, although the game’s official Twitter account has responded to users.

Together, the videos have been viewed over a million times, with around 70,000 negative user interactions. On the publisher’s own YouTube channel alone, there are 29,000 negative reactions against 18,000 positive ones.

But despite this, Volition have made it clear that they will not change their vision of the game, which they have had in mind from the start, despite the negative reactions. On Twitter, the official Saints Row account has responded to the concerns. One tweet reads:

“We will not back down with the game”

“We understand this has sparked some new and surprising reactions since we haven’t seen a reboot, they finished the sentence. This came shortly after the same account posted a tweet with a gif of the popular ” haters gonna hate ” meme.

Most of the criticism, by the way, was about the art style and design of the characters. Specifically, fans object to the fact that the main characters are hooligan, snappy, hipster teenagers instead of the old, more authentic thugs. The makers’ defence is that there’s a reason for that now, that this is a new empire to be built from scratch and until something is built, nothing has to be started. Customization will be stronger than ever, and your “boss” can be anyone.

So, we should wait a little longer to see the game and its evolution before drawing any conclusions, right? It’s clear that Volition has put out some great titles so far.

What do you guys think: what do you think about the new Saints Row reboot and its future? There’s still time before its release, so we could see a lot of changes…

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