Halloween Kills: Jamie Lee Curtis Has Her Own Take on the 2nd film

MOVIE NEWS – Halloween Kills, which was originally due to be released in cinemas last year but had to be postponed due to the outbreak, is a very timely film for star Jamie Lee Curtis. In fact, he’s even happy about the delay.


The 2018 film was timely because it came out at the height of the Me Too movement, and the message of the story was in line with what was happening at the time,” says the actress. – Halloween, three years ago, was about a woman who carries trauma for 40 years, and then suddenly has her snow boots full and confronts the man who is tormenting her – just like the women who only exposed their rapists after many years. Once again, Halloween Kills is a carnally valid reflection on what is happening in the world. The heroine, Laurie has been fighting the masked monster alone, perhaps with one or two helpers, but now the whole neighbourhood is revolting, people are taking to the streets armed, and there is a real lynch mob atmosphere in the air. After a long time of latent trauma, the Day of Wrath has come. If you think of the siege of the Capitol, the parallels are clear.”

For those of you expecting the very angry citizens of Haddonfield to join forces to defeat Michael Myers, we remind you that there is another episode, Halloween Ends, where we might just be able to put an end to the rampage. Maybe.

(Halloween Kills – US release: 15 October 2021)

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