King Arthur – Knight’s Tale: update and new game trailer for the dark Hungarian fantasy RPG!

New details have emerged about the Hungarian-developed King Arthur turn-based tactical role-playing game!


King Arthur: Knight’s Tale has managed to captivate us with a dark setting and a story that rescues the Arthurian legend and presents it from a new, sinister perspective. The game reached its funding goal on Kickstarter late last year and was finally released in early access earlier this year, along with a stunning cinematic trailer.

Hungarian studio Neocore Games has released a summer update, adding a sixth playable class, Sage. The update also includes controller support and new difficulty modes. Neocore has accompanied the update with the first part of a video series that shows the progress of the game’s development and gives a glimpse of what to expect in the final version of the game.



In the video, we got a closer look at the combat system and the importance of tactics. We can appreciate the morality system and its role in the world and the elaborate character development inspired by the most classic role-playing games. The new class, Sage, is characterised by frost-based magic to help your team, protecting with defensive barriers and ice walls.

The game combines the dark atmosphere of Arthurian fantasy with full-fledged turn-based tactical role-playing combat, with a strong emphasis on character development and surprising dialogue. The blood-pumping action-strategy RPG is scheduled for a final release in the spring, with PS5 and Xbox X|S versions planned for the future.

Source: IGN

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