David Grivel, the designer of Far Cry 6, says actors should get Oscars for their video game roles

David Grivel has complained that the biggest awards in the acting world do not yet take video game acting into account. In the Fair Cry series, special attention is given to actors who play villains.


In a recent interview with Far Cry 6 lead designer David Grivel, we learned some exciting things. We’ve previously shared Grivel’s thoughts on the battle royale set in the world of Far Cry, but the other big topic we spoke to him about is the actors who play in the video games, and Grivel thinks they should get an Oscar for their roles.

Asked specifically if actors and actresses who play in video games should be recognised in the film industry and given an Oscar if they deserve it, Grivel said, “Absolutely, yes. I think Giancarlo Esposito brings his experience of playing strong villains in Far Cry 6 and he’s very good at it”.



“Far Cry has always been iconic for its strong villains”, Grivel continued. “If you look at the cover of Far Cry 6, you’ll see the main villain, and that’s been the case in previous games. We wanted to make sure we had an iconic player this time.”

Grivel believes that the work actors and actresses do in video games is different from what they do in series and movies. Even if a star actor, such as Esposito in Far Cry 6, gets all the attention from gamers, Grivel believes that all actors are equally important in making a video game. For example, in this instalment of the series, we can see our characters in the cinematics, adding another character to the story.

Do you think actors in video games should get an Oscar if they deserve it? We see them in more and more video games; Hideo Kojima, for example, won’t let Mads Mikkelsen go and suggested him as the title character in the upcoming Mads Max (i.e. he would write the game specifically for the actor – ed.)

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