Ghost of Tsushima: updated the foxes, making them even more adorable!

The Ghost of Tsushima update includes new animations of our favourite shrine guides. It’s not just the foxes; we’re throwing down too!


The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut was released just a few weeks ago, and with it, players have discovered a whole host of new features. One of these is the foxes, the favourite animal of the samurai who have been travelling through Tsushima since the game’s release. From the data shared by Sucker Punch, we’ve already seen that after the first anniversary of the title, players have petted more than 55 million foxes.

A Twitter account called CanYouPetTheDog is dedicated entirely to checking which video game animals can be petted and which ones behave like our pets. The same version has also discovered new animations that Sucker Punch has added to the game for foxes.



Thanks to the new animations, the foxes do an adorable little nervous dance when you want to pet them, and they also lie on their backs so you can rub their tummies and chests; our samurai can playfully respond with a cute little paw play. Reacting to the tweet, social media communications manager Andrew Goldfarb admitted that he thought it was the best update yet.



The game was most popular in the country where it is set: in Japan, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut was well received on its release. To find out more about the re-release, read our review of Ghost of Tsushima!

Source: Twitter

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