Project EVE is coming to PS5, and we’ve got a gameplay trailer

The action game Project EVE for PlayStation 5 is now confirmed, according to developer SHIFT-UP. No release date has been announced.


Here’s an overview of the game, as told by SHIFT-UP director Kim Hyung Tae:

Reconquer the stolen Earth and decide the fate of humanity! Humanity has been driven from Earth in the not-too-distant future after losing a battle against the invaders called NA:tives. To reclaim Earth, the player becomes Eve, a survivor of a paratrooper squadron sent from the colony, who must fight her way through a powerful enemy with new comrades. You’re invited to join Eve’s adventure against unknown creatures in the desolate wasteland of Earth!


Blood, blades and… Beauty


Embodied by graceful graphics that take full advantage of the PlayStation 5‘s power, Earth conveys a distinctive atmosphere that stands out from other post-apocalyptic worlds. As you follow Eve through the game, you’ll take a step closer to the secrets hidden within this unusual world. Combat in Eve is deliberate – including attack, defence and evasion – while remaining fluid and dynamic. The only way to survive is to assess the attack patterns of different enemies and parry with precise timing.



Continue the battle after parrying and dodging by weaving in multiple combo skills. Defeating enemies culminates in a spectacular and entertaining show of force. Haptic feedback from the DualSense wireless controller enhances the experience many times over. From the sensation of a blade slashing into an enemy to the extraordinary abilities that make your hands tingle. We look forward to introducing new weapons that take advantage of DualSense controller features in the future.

Eve will be able to do more than slay enemies in style on her adventure. Master the terrain by climbing walls, tactical sliding, swinging on ropes and more. As you progress through the environment using various actions, try to discover and obtain treasures hidden in the world!

As the game progresses, Eve gains skills and items, becoming stronger and stronger. You can gain Beta Meters (BG) by parrying and dodging in combat. You can then use BG to gain abilities such as piercing super armour, performing scrying attacks, interrupting enemy combos and more. Eve also has a Burst Gauge that accumulates with consecutive parries and combos, which you can use to activate buffs and powerful attacks like jump stabs. You can also find stylish costumes throughout the game to change the look of Eve.

Source: Gematsu

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