Nintendo Switch: rumoured to be cheaper

It remains to be seen whether the cheaper Nintendo Switch will attract new fans, especially with the OLED version coming in October.


The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for more than four and a half years now, and yet, somewhat surprisingly, Nintendo hasn’t managed to cut a penny from the system’s MSRP. Apart from some limited-time holiday offers, you’re still coughing up $300 for a new Switch. Well, there’s a chance that could finally change as we head into the 2021 holiday season. According to the French gaming deals site Nintend’Alerts, which has accurately leaked many products and deals already, the Switch will get a price cut of around €60 following Monday, bringing the price down from €329 to about €270.



For Nintendo to cut the Switch price in just one region would be highly unlikely, so if this rumour is true, it’s likely to be a worldwide price cut. The price cut is likely to be roughly equivalent to the Euro in the US so that the system could drop from $300 to $250 or $240. The Switch Lite, on the other hand, will reportedly not get a price cut.

Of course, we’ll take that lightly for now. If this rumour is true, it’s a bit of odd timing on Nintendo’s part, as they are preparing to launch the Switch OLED model in October at a higher price of $350. On the other hand, they may have realised that hardcore fans will buy the OLED model regardless of the cost and want to attract more casual gamers in what is sure to be a high-grossing festive season.


The 2017-launched Nintendo Switch (which has had a hardware revision since) and the 2019-released Nintendo Switch Lite is now going to get a new family member. However, this isn't what we expected!


The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be released on October 8. Is anyone still holding out for the Switch? And would a price cut finally get you to snap it up? What do you think?

Source: Nintend’Alerts

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