The Witcher: Ronin: CD Projekt Uses Kickstarter For Funding

The Witcher is getting a manga, and the Polish company wants to use crowdsourcing to make it happen the way they want.


You can find the Kickstarter campaign here; the money will be to support a hard copy collector’s edition. Geralt is pursuing the Lady of Snow, Yuki Onna, through a feudal Japan-inspired realm.

“In a world such as this, the role of a professional monster slayer is just as essential, as dangerous Yokai and Oni (Japanese spirits and demons) are constantly on the prowl. The main story arc of The Witcher: Ronin contains four chapters—around 100 full-colour pages—following Geralt as he searches for clues, fights deadly monsters, and is faced with difficult moral choices.

In addition to this main story, we have also written three short stories of roughly 15 pages each. These standalone tales deepen the context of this mysterious Ronin world while also featuring fan-favourite characters such as Vesemir and Yennefer—each translated into this manga’s style. Furthermore, as well as these atmospheric narratives, we have also produced a making-of section with creator commentary, early draft sketches, and insight into the mythological background that has influenced the manga itself,” the Kickstarter page reads.

The Witcher: Ronin’s hard copy edition will be Kickstarter-exclusive. For 35 euros, you can get it together with a postcard, but if you pay fifty, you get the Deluxe Wanderer, which also includes a poster. The 150 and the 1050 euro tiers are all sold out, and you will have to pay for the shipping. If you want to dish out some extra cash, you can get additional items, such as a miniature Geralt figure.

Don’t worry about the campaign failing. It still has fourteen days left, with the goal already hit (at the moment, nearly 482 thousand euros were obtained to a 90 thousand goal), but let’s also not forget how the Poles have showered in cash due to Cyberpunk 2077, despite it being taken off the PlayStation Store for months due to the shoddy PlayStation 4 performance.

So there’s money there… but not for this item.

Source: PCGamer

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