Dead Space Remake: Don’t Expect More Details For The Rest Of The Year [VIDEO]

Motive would rather keep its head down and work on a remake of Isaac Clarke’s first story, but Electronic Arts will not be showing it on Dead Space Remake in 2021.


The studio gave us another tiny glimpse into the Dead Space remake in the embedded Reddit video below. This short clip showcases how Motive wants to achieve the wear and tear look for Ishimura, the spaceship that is Dead Space’s location. It doesn’t show us much, but it’s still better than nothing, especially how it might be the final tidbit we learn of the game for 2021.

Motive also published an open letter. It reads: “It was important to us to give you an early look at what we’ve been working on so you could tell us your thoughts. We’ll continue reading your feedback and what your expectations are for the remake of Dead Space. Everything we showed was a work in progress, which means that we’ll be working on things like Isaac’s suit and the Ishimura’s aesthetic and ambience.

We’re doing work to ensure it has the right level of wear and tear. For example, here is an early work-in-progress clip showing some of the ways that the team is going to be giving that worn look to the Ishimura. We’re going to be heads-down now, working on the game, taking some time to review all the thoughts, theories, and suggestions you’ve all shared with us. We look forward to showing you how you’ve helped shape the game next year when we’re further in development!” the studio wrote.

Dead Space’s remake will likely launch in early 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. Motive might show the game during EA Play Live 2022.

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