Motorcycling is ruining iPhones

TECH NEWS – iPhone-owners should beware of picking up bad vibrations from powerful motorcycles as they can damage camera systems, Apple has announced. Quite a shocking announcement.


In a support document spotted by MacRumors, the tech giant has published a warning that iPhones should not be connected to powerful motors. Motor vibrations can damage the phones’ optical image stabilisation or closed-loop autofocus systems, the statement said.

But it’s not just large motorcyclists who are putting their devices at risk; owners of scooters and mopeds should also use vibration dampening mounts. Several users on social media have reported that their phones have been damaged after being attached to motorcycles. Moreover, according to Apple, several iPhone models are susceptible to damage (it is not clear from the news precisely which models, but we assume that all of them are – ed.)

The systems involved are designed to improve image quality by counteracting motion, vibration and gravity. But high-power or high-volume motorcycle engines generate “intense, high-amplitude vibrations, ” which can be transmitted through the frame and handlebars into the device.

“Direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges can degrade the performance of these systems and lead to degradation of image quality in still images and video,” the statement reads. The solution is to refrain from mounting iPhones on bikes in the first place – even though that’s how most people use them for navigation.

Source: BBC News


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