It’s Official: The Nintendo Switch Base Model Is Now Cheaper In Europe!

Nintendo could be emptying its stocks of the original Nintendo Switch to make the players buy the October-due OLED model later. Whatever the big N’s plan is, we can now say that the Nintendo Switch received a price cut after four and a half years.


There were already rumours last week regarding the big N planning to slash the Nintendo Switch’ price. Until now, the hybrid platform was available in Europe for 329 euros, but now, it’s practically cut to 300. Just have a look at the Dutch Nintendo webpage. If you look carefully, you can find one for as low as 270 euros on say, Amazon France! It was time it happened, as, since its March 2017 launch, the Nintendo Switch received NO price drops!

However, it doesn’t mean the Nintendo Switch Lite is also cheaper! Only the base model went through the price decrease, possibly to prepare us for the OLED model that arrives on October 8 with a 7″ OLED display and a LAN port on its dock. We wonder when the price will be slashed in Japan and North America as well, as right now, only Europe got the price drop. The Switch OLED model will cost 350 euros, and it feels like the big N will make the new customers buy that model. It might be bigger, and the display might be better, the performance will not be any different. Officially, Nintendo explains the price cut with the euro-dollar conversion rate changes… but who knows?

So if you haven’t been into the Switch craze yet, perhaps now is the best time to obtain one, as Nintendo is potentially halting the manufacturing of the base model so that more of the OLED version gets sold from this Holiday season. And remember, that will be 350 euros, and not 300. You will pay more.

Source: WCCFTech, Eurogamer

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