Is Quantic Dream Developing A Star Wars Game?

Since Detroit: Become Human launched, the French studio, Quantic Dream hasn’t gone into details on what they are developing, but now, we might have a sign that could reveal David Cage’s team’s next project.


DualShockers’ Tom Henderson has had a solid track record when it comes to gaming industry leaks. He recently had a significant Skull & Bones post that we also discussed in detail. Now, he posted an image on Twitter, and it started a chain reaction.

The image speaks for itself: Henderson hints that LucasFilm Games has provided the IP to the French team, allowing Quantic Dream to develop something based on Star Wars. It’s underlined by how all replies that think the same got a like from Henderson, who thus confirms what he was trying to say with the embedded image above.

Quantic Dream has been working on narrative stories since 1997, and if the rumour is valid, they will have a massive tAAAsk on their shoulders. The studio is working on their next AAA game. If they indeed begin something Star Wars-related, then they will release the game themselves, unless LucasFilm Games also looks into becoming a publisher. We previously wrote about how Cage et al. is focusing on self-publishing, thanks to some Chinese investment, becoming independent after working on PlayStation-exclusive titles (such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, or Detroit: Become Human) for a more extended period.

Keep in mind that it’s far from an official announcement. Still, if it’s true, Quantic Dream can show their storytelling prowess, as they won’t have to create a new world out of nowhere, as they will get the Star Wars basics provided by LucasFilm, helping the game’s pre-development phase significantly.

We’re not going to guess the target platforms, the announcement date, or a possible release window. It’s far too early to do such a thing.

Source: WCCFTech

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