The Last of Us Creator Wil Be Part of the TV Show

MOVIE NEWS – Neil Druckmann will take the directorial chair for The Last of Us in Season One for some of its episodes.


The Last of Us TV series is moving along nicely, it has its two main leads, the first episode is already done (you can read about that here) and there has even been set photos shown, and it does seem it will be authentic towards the videogame.

Now we get brand new news that will further enhance this authenticity, as one of the creators of The Last of Us will be one of the directors from the five for season one.

A newly updated production list on the Directors Guild of Canada website lists the Naughty Dog co-president as one of five directors for the first season. Still, it does not state how many episodes he will get to direct.

The Last of Us TV series is one of the big and first adaptations from PlayStation Productions to adapt the PlayStation IP-s into film and TV. Uncharted is on its way also, but that seems to be a bit of a departure from the source material. In contrast, here, they seem to follow the original game’s storyline rather than making an entirely new scenario.

Production of the first season is due to wrap in June 2022, and it is expected to cover The Last of Us events, which was the first game.

Hopefully, we will get newer down the line, with more exciting set photos or even a trailer soon.

Source: VGC

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