Is a fan remake of Lord of the Rings: Conquest in the works?

The authors describe it as a remake of The Lord of the Rings, but the project is so ambitious that it looks like a remake. We have seen examples of fans becoming worthy companions to their idols!


With better and better tools and, above all, an overflowing enthusiasm, the most creative gamers have become even more ambitious over the years, as they have let their imagination run wild with new content for their favourite games or, as in this case, with enhanced versions of titles such as The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, the action game brought to life by the creators of the classic Star Wars: Battlefront.

Fans aim to make an unofficial remaster of Pandemic‘s game using Unreal Engine 4, and there’s no denying that they’re going for it. For now, we have a first video trailer that gives a taste of the graphical design of the new version of The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, which does not stop at just updating the visuals.



In addition to “photorealistic graphics and improved game mechanics”, new character classes have been added, such as the “skilled warrior”, who will use a sword and shield in combat, which will allow him to block arrows and magic. The mod’s creators also plan to integrate a new combo system, including executions, and change some maps’ design to improve enemy AI and “much more”.

It sounds overly ambitious, more like a remake than a remaster, so it’s unclear whether all these ideas will be implemented. Not to mention the fact that Electronic Arts (EA) owns the rights to the game, which means they could end the project at any time – or even accept it. The remarkable Black Mesa, a brilliant remake of the Half Life, which was given the green light by Valve itself, was the best possible ending to such a story. We wish you the best of luck!

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