Huge Secret Revealed About the New Downton Abbey Movie

MOVIE NEWS – Downton Abbey: A New Age is arriving in cinemas as a Christmas present, and its plot is a mystery, but screenwriter Julian Fellowes has revealed one thing, and that is whether or not the character of Countess Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith, will die.


The first film ended as a serial episode. The Countess tells her granddaughter that she has had a great life, but it is time for her to go. But after that, it remains to be seen whether she will really leave this shadowy world.

Fellowes told Empire magazine that the Countess is not dying, although everyone would think so from the signs she is giving.

Violet, of course, cannot leave, as she is one of the most interesting characters.

ScreenRant TV magazine has collected the ten things audiences are most looking forward to from the new movie.

10. At least one wedding is needed

9. A new king will take the throne

8. Family travels to the continent

7. The Great Depression hits the family

6. What happens to Lady Edith’s child

5. Edith returns to work

4. Ethnic diversity (the production has only ever featured one black jazz musician)

3. Depiction of the gay community in the 1930s

2. New characters

1. Return of all the crowd favourites

(Downton Abbey: A New Era – home-opening 17 March 2022)

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