McDonald’s restaurant from the Jurassic Park era found

MOVIE NEWS – The internet is going crazy over an abandoned Alaskan McDonald’s restaurant that houses posters of the original Jurassic Park and other nineties movie relics.


The facility was located on Adak Island in the Aleutian Islands, where a forward garrison of the US Army and Navy was stationed until the base was vacated.

The US military moved to Adak during World War II because its bombers had short access to Japan, and the invasion of the mainland could have started from here if the two atomic bombs had not quickly ended the war. The two military bases lasted on Adak until the 1990s, when the military moved away, along with the island’s population. But the crumbling Mecca, where everything remains as it was, remains a tourist attraction.

Let’s go back in time. The final installment in the new Jurassic World trilogy, Jurassic World: Dominion, brings the story to a close, but leaves the possibility of a sequel. In this episode, the dinosaurs no longer rampage around an island, but instead take over the world, creating a treasure trove for future episodes. So Jurassic Park could easily end up like Star Wars, where the original story is wrapped up and then new, separate episodes take place in a galaxy far, far away. And then there’s the possibility of a Jurassic Park TV series. As the movie portal EpicStream puts it, Universal Studios is clearly not going to let the incredibly successful series die out like the dinosaurs.

(Jurassic World: Dominion – domestic release:June 9, 2022.)

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