Quentin Tarantino Dives Into English films

MOVIE NEWS – Longtime friends Quentin Tarantino and British director Edgar Wright (Drive, Baby!, Dawn of the Dead), it’s no wonder the director of The Pulp Fiction suggested the title of Wright’s new film.


Wright has made a twisty psychological thriller about 1960s London, originally to be called Red Light Area. Tarantino, who also has a surefire taste in music, included the song Hold Tight by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in his trash movie parody of Dead Sure. Wright liked the song a lot, and the American director said that was nothing, and played Last Night in Soho by the same band, saying it was the best theme music for a film.

This came in handy for Wright, as it turned out there was already a Red Lights movie in existence, so his original idea was jumped on. Then The Night Has a Thousand Eyes proved to be the salvation for him, but it turned out there was already a film with that title as well.

Tarantino’s idea proved ideal. The American director told Wright that Allison Anders had originally suggested Last Night in Soho to him, so the British director thanks both colleagues in the credits of his new film.

Last Night in Soho was screened at the Venice Festival, with the most rave reviews saying: super! In the film, a fashion designer (Thomasin Mackenzie) inhabits the body of a 1960s London singer (Anya Taylor-Joy), and that’s just a minor complication compared to what follows.

The most talked about reviewer was the most successful of all.

Wright told IndieWire that not only has he never made a movie like this before, but no one else has.

(Last Night in Soho – domestic release: 4 November 2021.)

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