Fans are Already Speculating About the End of the Halloween Saga

MOVIE NEWS – The middle instalment of the new Halloween trilogy, Halloween Horror, is about to hit theatres. Still, some are already ahead of the curve, wondering how the story will end in the final episode (Halloween Ends), where the masked monster finally dies.


The most popular theory is that Michael Myers, the knife-wielding killer, meets his end in the mental hospital where he was sent at the age of six after his first massacre and from which he escaped 15 years later. The circle can be closed. The story becomes complete. Smith Grove Lunatic Asylum – which has already been featured in Halloween 6. – could prove a perfect setting if only because there are few more sinister places than an old mental hospital at night, with splintered plaster, mould on the basement floor. The laughter of the war dead echoing through the corridors, If for no other reason than the fact that the spook can let the other lunatics out of the rubber rooms, a dozen more lunatics can be unleashed on the positive heroes.

Otherwise, few think it likely that the hugely successful 40-year-old franchise will end with the trilogy’s third instalment. After all, Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, has a daughter and granddaughter who can continue to battle the monster. So there may be new episodes to come, now without Curtis, but Michael Myers is undoubtedly eternal.

(Halloween Kills – Domestic Release: 21 October 2021)

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