Death Stranding Director’s Cut: Nearly Perfect Performance On PlayStation 5 [VIDEO]

Kojima Productions’ expanded, new-generation version Death Stranding Director’s Cut game received two analysis videos.


Digital Foundry and ElAnalistaDeBits both threw Sam “Porter” Bridges on the operating table, and while he landed, a few hundred Monster energy drink cans fell. It isn’t a joke: Death Stranding Director’s Cut no longer has this not-to-secret commercial, as the Monster-branded energy drink cans are gone. Instead, you get to chug some store-brand liquid from time to time. If you were bothered by Monster, you now have this issue gone. (We still wonder how much Monster paid them…)

On the PlayStation 5, Death Stranding Director’s Cut offers three graphics modes: Performance, Quality, and Ultrawide Quality. All three options target sixty frames per second frame rate. Performance mode runs on 1800p, upscaled to 4K. Quality is native 4K. Ultrawide Quality uses letterboxing on the top and the bottom of the screen, running on 3840x1620p. Both Quality and Ultrawide Quality deliver nearly perfect 60 FPS performance, while Quality tends to have some dips into the 50-55 FPS territory during some cutscenes and heavy combat scenes.

Some character models have received texture upgrades, while the environments are essentially unchanged, and you can still somewhat notice the texture filtering on PlayStation 5. The new Sony console got some enhancements regarding the draw distance, water, and foliage (and if you have a strong PC, you can see more improvements). However, the most significant change is the loading time if we compare PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. On the PlayStation 4, you need about a minute to get into the game, while on the PlayStation 5, the loading times have been cut by 90% to just six seconds!

Death Stranding Director’s Cut, available from today, thus shows how much of a single console generation can change.

Source: WCCFTech

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