GeForce Now Leaks: Ubisoft Proves The Streisand Effect

The French publisher issues a takedown request regarding a leaked and mostly outdated GeForce Now database…


Previously, we wrote about the database leak, and via this list, we learned that God of War would get a PC version (which, if it does get released next year, would come four years after the 2018 PlayStation 4 original). Nvidia has since called the list speculative, as it was only for “internal tracking and testing.” Developers have used placeholders to do various tests, and as such, they did not use proper names. For instance, 343 Industries said Halo 5 is not coming to PC. (Which doesn’t make sense: when Halo Infinite launches, every Halo game will be there, except 5!)

Pavel Djundik, SteamDB’s founder, has saved a backup of the database on Github, but he said on Twitter that Ubisoft sent him a DMCA takedown, or, in other words, requesting him to delete the database. The main problem here is that ONLY Ubisoft complained about it. Everyone else just shrugged it off. Several games from the database are already available, so Ubisoft cannot throw the table at Djundik for that. So… why the DMCA claim?

Project Meteor, Project Q, Project Over, Project Orlando. These are the names that Ubisoft doesn’t want us to see! (Even though there are many more Projects in there: Microsoft – Holland, Typhoon, Woodstock; Bohemia Interactive – PadThai; 505 Games – Pugwash…) Eurogamer reports what Redditors figured out: they believe Project Orlando is The Crew 2 DLC, while Meteor is an Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla DLC. Over and Q remain mysteries for now.

But the Streisand effect is in effect. Ubisoft is working on these projects (otherwise, why would they bother?), but by removing the tracks, they only made more people know and talk about them.

Source: PCGamer

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