Which video game has the most swearing? Find out!

Let’s shoot the punchline, f..ck it: Rainbow Six: Siege and FIFA 21 top the list of video games with the most swearing! Are we fags?


Anyone who plays multiplayer games already knows how sometimes it is to avoid uttering a swear word without keeping the microphone open. Which games are most likely to provoke this kind of expression? According to an exciting study, Rainbow Six: Siege is the number one offering in this area.

It’s a report commissioned by the portal Buzz Bingo, which, as they explain, sat for 25 hours and watched hundreds of Twitch and YouTube videos, recording every single swear word or similar expression by the main character, to find out which video games and platforms have the dirtiest-mouthed communities. Quite a strange goal.

The result? According to the data revealed by studio members, Rainbow Six: Siege is the video game that incites users the most in broadcasts, with FIFA 21 and Call of Duty: Warzone coming in second and third. It is estimated that Rainbow Six: Siege users use 584 swear words per hour, which is significantly more than the 176 swear words in Forza Horizon 4 streams.


Here’s the complete list:




This study only focuses on highly successful games on Twitch and YouTube streams, so this is just for interest purposes rather than anything else. On the other hand, PC gamers are the most talked about in the ranking, followed by Xbox and PlayStation users. No data is available for Nintendo Switch. The report also estimates which English language content creators use the most swear words.

It is not yet known whether Rainbow Six: Extraction will maintain this level of swearing. The new spin-off in the series will hit stores in January this year.

Source: CBR


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