River City Girls 2 Debuts On Video, Too [VIDEO]

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms also received its opening movie, although we are not sure if it will be available in the West yet (or if it gets localized altogether or not).


In the first River City Girls 2 video, we get a small preview of the original Japanese voice cast: Misako is voiced by Honoka Kuroki, Kyoko is voiced by Sumire Morohoshi, Makoto Furukawa voices Kunio, and Riki is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi, respectively. The English voice cast is yet to be revealed, but this announcement confirms that the characters speak in the game.

Back in mid-June, we wrote the following about River City Girls 2: “Arc System Works and WayForward revealed River City Girls 2, which was announced for virtually everything (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) with a 2022 launch window, and yes, Limited Run Games will produce a physical edition. Here’s the overview: “Picking up shortly after the original, River City Girls 2 once again put players in control of Misako and Kyoko—as well as Kunio, Riki, and other characters—as they set out on an all-new beat-’em-up adventure across the mean streets of River City. New moves, new enemies, recruits, new environments, and the return of an old foe await, along with the same over-the-top sense of humour and adrenaline-pumping combat of its predecessor. The game will also feature two-player co-op action both locally and online.” These games should show that there is still a need for arcade-style classic games.”

Then, there’s River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Kunio-kun series. It will be available on home soil as Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou! It will launch on the Nintendo Switch in December in Japan, followed by a PlayStation 4 and Steam version in April.

And here’s why we said that due to the Steam version, it might not be geoblocked to Japan or Asia (confirming Gabe Newell, who formerly said that piracy is primarily due to lack of availability), so if you know Japanese, you might enjoy the late Han dynasty era Three Kingdoms spin-off.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu

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