Steam’s New Favourite, The Medieval Dynasty RPG Continues To Expand And Is Coming To Consoles Soon!

Render Cube’s Medieval Dynasty remains one of the best-selling titles on PC, and now the addition of new game modes and storylines has been announced.



Amazon Games’ first big hit, New World, closed out a historic week with big challengers still to come. Such is the case with Medieval Dynasty, the medieval RPG that is now celebrating with the announcement of a new roadmap, much to the delight of its loyal community. Developer Render Cube released the list of expected updates to the game after the RPG’s successful launch stream was watched by more than 4.5 million viewers, after which it was almost immediately named one of Steam’s best-selling games. After the showcase, the creators dove deeper into details of the upcoming content, which foreshadows new game modes, other new features, and even a console release next year.

In the coming months, an external view will be made available, in which we’ll be able to play in the same way. This decision will not only benefit those who want to get a closer look at their characters, but also those who are seriously annoyed by the camera movement in the internal view. New buildings and decorations will make towns and villages more unique, and there will also be a greater role for animals, which you can hunt, tame or take along with you.


Render Cube's Medieval Dynasty remains one of the best-selling titles on PC, and now the addition of new game modes and storylines has been announced.


As for the new missions, the most prominent is the education of our protagonist’s son. This will add a lot of new chains of events to the game, which will force us to make decisions that will affect our game in the long run. Render Cube’s plan is to make the game accessible to as many players as possible and to do this they plan to release the title on console. This is scheduled for 2022, and the game will come with all the content. An official announcement is likely soon.

With the PC becoming more and more popular as a platform again, it’s perhaps not so surprising that even in such a busy period, the game is still a success there. Most recently, for example, Capcom has decided to make the PC its main gaming platform, a move intended to even out the console and PC sales, at least within a year or two.


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