Microsoft: Console Shortages In 2022 As Well

Phil Spencer says we shouldn’t get our hopes up for a quick fix to the console shortage.


What the head of Xbox says isn’t solely limited to the Xbox Series duo because both PlayStation 5 models use similar AMD chips (and Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, said that the lack of components should ease up in late 2022…), so what he mentioned during his TheGrill 2021 appearance, reported by Gamesindustry, applies to Sony’s new consoles, too.

“I think it’s probably too isolated to talk about it as just a chip problem. When I think about what it means to get the parts necessary to build a console today and then bring it to the markets where the demand is, there are multiple pinch points in that process. And I think regretfully, it’s going to be with us for months and months, definitely through the end of this calendar year and into the following calendar year.

The most disappointing thing is just the fan disappointment. People want this new generation of consoles — they’re good consoles, both from the other platform holders and us — and they want the new functionality. We’re working hard to bring them to market, but it’s going to be a challenge that we’ll work through for quite a while,” Spencer said.

However, there are more than just consoles suffering from the lack of components: both AMD and Nvidia have issues with PC GPUs, but there’s also the car industry that suffers: if you hear news about a manufacturer pause production, it’s due to the lack of components, regardless of which brand is mentioned.

So, for now, it might be the best idea to play the newest Xbox-exclusive games from the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming, available in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (unless you have a beefy PC).

Source: WCCFTech

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