eFootball 2022 Is Still Awaiting Updates, But Steam Gamers Are Already Referring To It As A “Psychological Horror Game.”

So far, users of Valve’s store won’t find even the simplest soccer game in eFootball 2022, which was supposed to be the successor to Pro Evolution Soccer…



Few PES fans could have imagined the level of carelessness with which Konami has handled the optimization of its new sports simulator now that eFootball, even though the situation is very dire: from the game’s base version onwards, it has been receiving serious criticism on both PC and console. On PC, gamers didn’t let it go and started to label the game’s gameplay with a chatty label on Steam.

Leaving far behind the usual, tiredly familiar labels, the people of the Valve store, seeing the reaction, turned to humour instead to voice their displeasure. The game started to be branded as a psychological horror game, implying that it should only be played by people who want to be scared, and secondly, it is also recommended for people who are interested in the horror genre and sexual content… The sports games genre only managed to slip in as a fourth label, as a side note.

Steam allows users to classify games themselves based on their genre and content, helping other players to browse the game catalogue, but it seems that the game’s terrible performance and the alarming amount of bugs it leaves behind make it hard to see the football game behind the abomination.

Of course, Konami is not really idle, but it’s a bit late… They are working hard on the game, and have managed to polish some of its annoying bugs in the last few days.


Source: 3DJuegos

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