Twitch has Been Hacked! An Anonymous user Leaked Thousands of Data About the Platform and Its Streamers!

TECH NEWS – The information was stolen from Twitch has been posted on 4chan, and it is suspected that the hacker may have saved even more data.


Overnight, one of today’s most important streaming platforms was compromised. The news started making the rounds on the networks because the hacker responsible for the theft posted on the 4chan forum some of the data collected. In total, 126GB full of information about Twitch, such as the platform, user preferences and trends, and streamers’ payment reports, among other things.

The Twitch community was alarmed by one of the strongest attacks in the platform’s history, which leaked a wealth of information about both the web and its users, as well as creators and viewers. As such, 4chan’s post includes, in addition to the aforementioned, details about several proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch, team tools, other Twitch features such as IGDB or CurseForge, and a Steam competitor.


Little is known about the hacker’s intentions, although the use of the hashtag #DoBetterTwitch in the 4chan post is striking. Which may be a reference to the alleged movement for justice against Twitch, although this theory cannot be confirmed at the moment.

On the other hand, and despite the fact that the hacker who carried out the attack is anonymous, several sources echoed the news, most notably Tom Warren , editor of The Verge. As the journalist says he has sources close to him that confirm the Twitch hacking. Moreover, the streaming platform’s nightmare is probably not over yet, as the hacker pointed out that 4chan’s post is ” part one “, so presumably he has more information about Twitch.

It is therefore recommended that all users of the platform change their passwords immediately as, although such data has not been filtered, the fact that the hacker has payment reports since 2019 could mean that he has personal passwords.

A now dire situation for Twitch, which is adding to the general discontent in its community, leading to a general strike on the platform. In response to this, Twitch is threatening to sue two users who organised hate raids, and relatively recently introduced controlled chat and new features to combat hate and toxicity in its community.

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