What?! A Spider-Man Game on the Xbox?!

Although we don’t think Sony knows anything about it, a bizarre Spider-Man game is coming to Xbox. It is available in the Microsoft Store, and it does not seem too legit.


The wall-crawler franchise has been swinging between different platforms for almost 40 years, with exclusive games and many other multiplatform. The reality is that Spider-Man has always been associated with comics and, during the first years of the millennium, with movies from Sam Raimi, but never to an exclusive console or company.

However, since 2018, our friend and neighbour came from the hand of Insomniac Games in the magnificent Marvel’s Spider-Man. This was an exclusivity of the character that has been extended to other titles such as Marvel’s Avengers. In this sense, the last Xbox game with Spider-Man as the protagonist was The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There is no other project on the horizon that brings the superhero closer to Microsoft consoles beyond his presence in LEGO games or crossovers such as Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

But this time, the tweeter Wario64 has discovered a Spider-Man game that has passed under everyone’s radar, including Sony, a title in the Microsoft Store within the Creators Collection program and published by developer Ilker Bekmezci. It hit the market on September 24 and is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

In the only available image, we can see Spider-Man up on the Great Wall of China while destroying a kind of drone with his cobwebs; the more enemies we eliminate, the more points we will get. One of those strange games that appear in official stores makes us wonder how they got there. The norm with these games is that the more bizarre the situation is, the easier it is to make us smile. The game probably won’t last long until it’s eliminated, but we don’t think you’ll miss it either.

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