An Automatic Ban System in New World With Which Wars Are Won? Amazon Denies It!

Amazon’s successful MMORPG: New World still requires numerous adjustments after its first few weeks available.


New World is a sensation. The Amazon Games MMORPG has hit the key it wanted and has established itself, since its tremendous launch, as one of the most successful video games of the moment on Steam. Yes, to consoles, its arrival is not anticipated, at least during the most immediate future.

However, the title has not been immune to many problems in its early days and, this time, we find one caused by the players themselves. We are talking about some users complaining that others are taking advantage of the automatic ban system that they claim to win the game. This would expel those who are reported en masse, even if they have not breached any rule. However, it is something that Amazon has denied, ensuring that the complaints are manually reviewed, although the explanations have not entirely convinced the players.

As we have read on Reddit, this situation is creating conflict, as some clans claim that others take advantage of this to win turf wars in a very simple way. If it were true, something that would profoundly alter the spirit of the game, which has in its features one of the fundamental aspects of its base.

It is not the first problem that developers have to deal with, who have seen that the long waiting lines to enter the servers have generated a lot of frustration in these first weeks. At Amazon, they are responding by carrying out all kinds of adjustments to improve the experience. It is not for less since New World has become the spearhead for the company, which is now eager to continue growing in the industry.

Source: PC Gamer

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