“It’s utter bullsh*t!” – The Creator Of The First God Of War Harshly Criticises The Design Of Metroid Dread! [VIDEO]

He has also been opposed to the great difficulty in the games, alluding to driving away many players.


Metroid Dread arrived last week to accompany the launch of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, breaking records for the franchise and with a reception that has been marked by widespread praise both in the media and among users.

However, the creator of God of War, David Jaffe, has been critical of the new MercurySteam title through his Twitter account and videos on his YouTube channel. Jaffe has made different accusations about the game’s design; among the critics, he shows some examples in which he considers that there is no indication in the creation of the scenario and the maps that serve as a reference or provide information to guide the player.

The creative has also pointed out to the players, “you should be more demanding with the developers who sell you shit,” said Jaffe. In his publications on social networks, he has acknowledged having uninstalled the game after two and a half hours of play, ensuring that it has not had to do with the game’s difficulty.

The debate over the difficulty in video games has been another of Jaffe’s throwing weapons towards Metroid Dread. However, he has also directed his criticisms towards Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Returnal, which he considers part of a march towards “games super challenging “. “It is as if the developers want to alienate the players, ” reproached Jaffe.

Source: David Jaffe Twitter

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