“Checkmate, Lawyers!” – The Company That Made PS5 Covers Is Back With A New Design

After backtracking just a few days ago by removing the original, Dbrand reappears with version 2.0 of the PS5 covers.


The saga of Dbrand continues, the company that became famous back in late 2020 for starting to produce black covers for the PlayStation 5 while calling on Sony to sue them quietly. This weekend, that didn’t seem to be such a good idea, as the Japanese company’s lawyers called on the team to stop selling the covers immediately, and Dbrand complied. But only until now they have recently returned with a different design, which they claim is no longer legally challenged.

The Darkplates 2.0 was posted on dbrand’s website with the words “checkmate, lawyers!” the most striking new feature of the cover is that it now has a vent to allow the fan to cool the console more efficiently. And the $70 product is now available in white and grey, and black, reminiscent of the first PlayStation. The cover can be ordered with two parallel light strips in a choice of colours.

VGC reports that dbrand has explained the legal situation in a statement. According to them, you can’t sue someone for design infringement without registering the design patent in question, and Sony didn’t do that when it first launched Darkplates. Months later, it did, which is why they took the original covers off the website over the weekend. But the team says Darkplates 2.0 puts an end to the issue by making it impossible for Sony to bring future infringement claims. In any case, dbrand’s communication is still not very restrained, with Sony now being told that if they want to sue, they had better be prepared to pay dbrand’s legal costs.

After this, we are curious to see what Sony will do.

Source: VGC

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