Here’s The First Trailer For The Uncharted Movie, Do The Two Main Characters Match The Ones In The Game? [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The trailer for the Uncharted movie is full of very familiar action scenes, with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg, however, has no moustache.


The first images of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake shook all social networks, especially for those people who had enjoyed the adventures of Uncharted. After a few short films, which confirmed the resistance of the production company to show a complete video, we were finally allowed to see the first official trailer for Uncharted: The Movie, released in early 2022.

Even though only a few hours ago this same trailer was leaked on the internet, information that theGeek did not echo due to the questionable origin, it seems that we can finally enjoy the expected advance of the film adaptation of the Naughty Dog video games, offering an action-packed sequence starring Tom Holland that appears to be taken from the same video games, something that its managers promised in recent statements.

Therefore, with a film in which we will also see familiar faces such as Antonio Banderas, Mark Whalberg, Sophia Ali or Sarah Petrick, the production company is preparing to bring Nathan Drake to the big screen on February 11, 2022, in Spain ( February 18 in the United States). News that they have wanted to celebrate from Naughty Dog with a publication on their website where they assure that, according to the director of the film, Ruben Fleischer, “they have made the film for hardcore fans and for those who are not familiar with the franchise, and they believe this entertaining and action-packed movie will equally entertain both parties. ”

In this way, Tom Holland and company intend to surprise the public with a new experience in the purest Nathan Drake style, something we can do as soon as the film is released in theatres. However, it can also be seen later on platforms of films to the letter like Netflix, as agreed with Sony Pictures in the US In this sense, an agreement was also made public between the video game producer and Disney with which they ensured the arrival of Uncharted: The Movie on the Disney + platforms, Hulu and FX. Which, in short, will give us the possibility of seeing Nathan Drake’s new adventure both on the big screen and through different options.

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