New World: After a Successful Launch, Amazon’s MMO Begins its Downfall

One month after its release, is New World managing to retain its players? The media outlet Forbes looked into the matter, and it’s clear that enthusiasm for Amazon Games’ massively multiplayer online game has waned.


In late September, a massively multiplayer online game looking to get into the big leagues, New World, shook things up. The title, developed by Amazon Games, gathered an increasing number of players in the weeks following its release. This enthusiasm faded throughout October.

After having reached the heights of Steam, New World is floundering and seems to be starting its landing. While the title got a peak of 913,634 concurrent players five days after its release, player enthusiasm has waned throughout the tenth month of the year. And Forbes is the one to make the finding: the MMO has lost 135,000 players per week. To make this calculation, the media used figures shared by Steam charts.

New World Steamcharts:

  • October 3rd: 913,000 players
  • 10 October: 726,000 players
  • 16 October: 608,000 players
  • 23 October: 508,000 players
  • 30 October: 404,000 players


While it is too difficult to explain such a decline with certainty, certain factors may provide understanding elements, such as the numerous bugs present in the Player vs Player mode or the high-level content that leaves something desired.

That being said, New World still manages to mobilise many players in the land of Aeternum. At the time of writing, Amazon Games’ MMO has rallied an average of 400,000 players over the last thirty days, the period following its release. By comparison, Final Fantasy XIV Online has 30,000 players (via Steam, figures for other media are not available). On paper, New World surpasses Final Fantasy, which managed to steal the throne from the most-watched MMO on Twitch: World of Warcraft.

Still, it will be interesting to follow the progress of the New World in the days to come. It could give some answers about a possible disruption of the order established by WoW and Final Fantasy XIV. In any case, the competition is in full swing, and the next few months will be hectic: Final Fantasy 14 welcomes the Endwalker expansion, while newcomers such as Dokev and Lost Ark, also under the Amazon Games umbrella, are planning to make their presence felt.

Source: Forbes

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