Alan Wake Remastered: Remedy’s Sam Lake Is Very Proud Of The Original Game; Developing The Remaster Was “Pretty Intimidating” [VIDEO]

Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake is proud of the work he did on the original Alan Wake, and after revisiting the game to develop the remaster, he can appreciate it more than ever.




The developer of the original action-adventure game, released in 2010, told GameSpot that the return allowed him to look at the whole picture with fresh eyes, and it was a very pleasant experience for him.

“Time is a funny thing. Coming out of the project, after being so focused on making it, trying to get everything in, you often see a lot of the problems or miss the things that didn’t make it in…”

“Coming back to an older work, mercifully, all of that has faded away and you can look at the work with fresh eyes, appreciate it as a whole, and not miss those details. So, it’s all positive. I am, and we are, very proud of Alan Wake. It makes me very happy. And many elements invented there are still part of the Remedy game formula, being refined further in Control, for example.”

Remedy has also expanded the Alan Wake universe with Control, which has also given Lake the opportunity to look at the original game from a different perspective and a new angle.

“Coming back to write more Alan Wake in Control felt very easy and natural, like coming back to meet an old friend…”

“…and yet, it made me realize that I have grown as a writer, and my perspective on certain ideas and themes related to the character have shifted and evolved. It’s something that is very natural, of course, but without that opportunity, I might not have realized it as concretely. It made me feel grateful for the opportunity. And I absolutely love the fact that now that there is a new audience who have been introduced to Alan Wake via Control, we are able to bring back the original game in a new remastered form for those players to experience as well. And of course, for the old fans as well, who have been tirelessly asking for it.” – said Lake.

Remedy worked with D3t to develop the Alan Wake Remastered, and one of the main goals was to preserve the unique feel of the game and enhance it with the new technology available today. Unfortunately, the remaster is unable to harness the power of the latest generation of consoles, and porting it to consoles of a generation earlier than the current one has been a difficult task for the developers, according to community director Thomas Puha.

Despite this, the team has managed to include some current-gen features, such as DualSense support for PlayStation 5, which should help make the game even more immersive for fans of newer console generations.

Alan Wake Remastered is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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