Gran Turismo 7: The Livery Editor Is Getting A Redone [VIDEO]

The creators praise the imagination of the players who have created “millions of designs” in previous Gran Turismo games.



As in the real world, it’s clear in the world of Gran Turismo that while a car stands out on the road with its performance, it’s the aesthetics that help it stick in our minds. Polyphony Digital is aware of this, which is why they’re reviving the Livery Editor in Gran Turismo 7. A tool that, along with features such as the game’s braking system, will further deepen the gameplay experience in the new episode.

The studio has highlighted this feature in the fourth developer video, which gives a brief insight into the mechanics of the editor. Starring the game’s creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, Polyphony showcases the beauty of some of the vehicles and reiterates the importance of the cars’ aesthetics, as

“iconic designs that are intrinsically linked to our memories of each race”.

Gran Turismo not only provided a good driving experience, but also allowed players to explore their creative side by decorating their cars in the Livery Editor. This tool led to millions of imaginative ideas, recalled Yamauchi, who is still amazed by the creativity of gamers.

As such, Gran Turismo 7 will continue to invite users to experiment with colour and design in 400 cars, with a PS5 DualSense-enhanced driving experience and sound system to match. So it looks like Gran Turismo 7 will be a game that aims to bring back the essence of the series and reawaken our love of the road.

Source: YouTube

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