Square Enix Has Come Clean About Marvel’s Avengers: It Was A “Disappointment”, But They’ve Learned From It

After many complaints and criticisms, the President of Square Enix has spoken about the many shortcomings of Marvel’s Avengers.



As part of Square Enix’s annual company report, company president Yosuke Matsuda spoke about the problems with Marvel’s Avengers, saying that they can only learn from the “disappointing” results of Crystal Dynamics’ game.

In his lengthy statement, Matsuda mentioned the importance of studios focusing on their areas of expertise and hinted that leaving Crystal Dynamics with the responsibility of making the video game as a service was one of the factors that influenced the outcome. Square Enix’s plan from the outset was to create a game as a service, and this particularity, combined with the difficulties of the pandemic, meant that there were problems during development.

“I would also note that “Marvel’s Avengers” was an ambitious title for us in that we took on the GaaS (Games as a Service) model…”

“We overcame a variety of unexpected difficulties in the final phase of the game’s development, including needing to transition to work-from-home due to the pandemic. We were able to surmount these challenges and release the game, but it has unfortunately not proven as successful as we would have liked.”

“While the new challenge that we tackled with this title produced a disappointing outcome, we are certain that the GaaS approach will grow in importance as gaming becomes more service-oriented. How we go about creating new experiences by incorporating this trend into our game design is a key question that we will need to answer going forward,” Matsuda added.

Marvel’s Avengers had already been a source of frustration for gamers before its release, and the dissatisfaction has not diminished since the game’s release. Issues such as paid power-ups, online display of the player’s IP, and mobile-only content had made the title even more difficult than when it launched.

Source: PSU

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