Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Prepares For Release With New Trailer, But Hides Unexpected Delay [VIDEO]

The MMO’s long-awaited fifth expansion, Endwalker was scheduled for next month, but Square Enix will make us wait a little longer.

Final Fantasy XIV is enjoying unprecedented success, Square Enix’s popular MMORPG has already become the most profitable game in the history of the franchise, and even the father of the saga, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has admitted to being such a fan of the game that he doesn’t stop playing it even to sleep. The game is receiving great support from fans and next month was due to receive a major expansion.

FF XIV Endwalker will be the closing of a narrative arc that already has eleven years of story through approximately 30% more content in story and cinematics than in the excellent Shadowbringers. Expectations are high and the desire to receive it is even more so, however, Square Enix has announced a small delay.

It has been the game’s director himself, Naoki Yoshida, the one in charge of giving us the news and he has done so by telling us the reasons that have led him to decide this move. “The most important factor behind the release date change was my own selfishness as the game’s director,” Yoshida said, alluding to his interest in ensuring Endwalker’s quality.

Yoshida insisted on the importance that this expansion will have for the story and the future of the MMO. The director has also reminded that the game will continue for a long time, however, the narrative and plot weight that Endwalker has made the director feel that the team must “adjust even the smallest nuances”. As Yoshida has communicated, the great effort behind the content of this great expansion had led them to reduce the final quality controls and with this added time they intend to ensure the “stability” of the game at launch. Endwalker will arrive on December 7. The change in release date also means a shift in the new expansion’s early access schedule for those who pre-ordered it. Early access will now begin on December 3, 2021.

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