Is Square Enix Preparing A PlayStation 5-Exclusive Final Fantasy Announcement?

We have to point it out immediately: no, we are not talking about Final Fantasy XVI!

On ResetEra, Navtra, a seemingly reliable insider, talked about how Square Enix will have some big announcements in June: „I believe you can expect at least one more major Final Fantasy announcement in addition to updates on the currently announced stuff (XVI/Endwalker/VIIR). It should be a good E3 season for Square overall. I don’t know their exact E3 schedule, but I’m guessing based on knowledge of what games they have in development, how far in they are, and their target release dates. So take it with a grain of salt.

I believe we’re getting two major Square Enix reveals this June: A PlayStation 5-exclusive Final Fantasy title, and a cross-gen Eidos title. Just to set expectations: it’s something new. [It’s] not as high-end as Final Fantasy XVI or Forespoken but certainly more significant than World of Final Fantasy or a remaster. Conceptually, I think it might be up many people'[sic] alley,” Navtra wrote.

This person already was correct last year about Final Fantasy XVI being a timed PlayStation 5-exclusive, plus knew Sony’s PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming event, as well as Spider-Man being a PlayStation-exclusive DLC in Marvel’s Avengers (and Spidey is still yet to be found in the game).

Let’s go through the comment: so it’s a new game, which rules out a remaster. And it’s easy to guess what it could be: Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Remember: both the first part, as well as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade are/were timed exclusives on Sony’s platforms. And the Eidos title: we suspect it could be the next Tomb Raider, which is meant to tie the reboot trilogy up to the PS1 originals. (And Eidos Montreal was one of the main devs on the reboot…)

We’ll hear about all this shortly.

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